Notaires' Lakes carp

Catch report 18 March 2017

First groups of the season had a good result

Catch Report 10 Sept 2016

Fletcher group caught over 1300lbs of fish and new lake record

Catch Report for 2014

Aggregated catch report for 2014

Guinea Pig Gallops

Timelapse movie of the Les Fragnes Guinea Pigs

Llama drama

timelapse video of the llamas one winters morning

Secret life of a lake

time lapse video of the house lake

Another great year for Notaires

Notaire's lakes averaged 25 carp per angler per week in 2013

65 for teen

Teenager James Geeson landed 65 carp in his weeks holiday at Notaire's Lakes

54 for one

Clr John Mutton, worked hard in unfavourable conditions (wet and cold) to land 53 mirrors and a grass carp in his weeks fishing on the prolific Notaire's carp lake.


John reported that the fish were taking almost anything he could put on the hair. His main target was to catch more than his son who landed 33 carp to 39-2 in 2011

John's catch consisted…

What is in a name?

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