Notaires' Lakes carp

Catch report 15/9/18

7 x teens, 21 x twenties, 23 x thirties, 1 x forty (new lake record) 2 x cats 70 & 82lbs


Terry: 7 x twenties, 14 x thirties (2 x commons) New PB
Dan: 1 x teen, 1 x twenty, 6 x thirties, 1 x 40 (49lbs 4oz new lake record) PB
Dan (Cat lake): 1 x teen, 3 x twenties, 1 x 70lb cat, 1 x 82lb cat (cat lake record)
Steve: 5 x teens (1 grass), 10 x twenties, 3 x thirties (1 common) PB

Bait - Rigs - Tactics

PVA bag (Spicy Spirulina) | PVA bag (Special crab) | Mainline cell & Link boilies
Korda dark matter hair rig | Fox hair rig | Korda IQ D-rig
Under Right trees from dam | Far margin under features | middle of shallow end, far margin shallow


Chris & Steph were wonderful hosts, the food was lovely, the lakes and animals were great. We all had a fantastic week smashing all our PB's




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