Notaires' Lakes carp

Catch report 1/9/18

1 x twenty, 1 x thirty & 1 x forty


1x20, 1x30 and 1x40. All of these were PBs at the time since I arrived not having caught anything above 18 pounds


Fishing the main lake from the gite side and about 20 metres from the narrower shallow end, casting into the margin very close to the trees on the opposite bank. Hair rig boilie hook bait on a 30cm leader and a regular supply of boilie freebies. All 3 were caught in the afternoon or early evening.



For me, this holiday was perfect. Notaires is a beautiful and tranquil lake deep in the countryside. You can hear and see farm animals in the day, and wild creatures such as owls and deer at night. And there were plenty of birds and butterflies to be seen in quieter fishing moments. 

The welcome and help from Chris and Steph is warm and friendly, and the food is super home cooking. 

The shower and wi-fi kept me equally fresh and in touch! The fish are is great condition and fight like warriors. This was my first big carp trip and I valued Chris’s advice and help. I also got wonderful advice and help from a group of experienced anglers from Alder lake, particularly Brett without whom I would not have done so well. This was the angling community at its best. Thank you everyone. 



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