Notaires' Lakes carp

Catch report 25/08/18

5 x teens, 18 x twenties, 13 x thirties, 1 x forties & 1 catfish @ 30lbs 14oz between 2 anglers


Brandon: 2 x teens, 11 x twenties, 6 x thirties & catfish @ 30lbs 14oz

Chris: 3 x teens, 7 x twenties, 7 x thirties & 1 x forty at 40lbs 2oz new lake record


Squid Orange / Mainline Link
Blowback rig fished snowman with yellow corn or pop up
Plenty of bait fishing margins & tree line


Beautiful lake in a peaceful location with wonderful owners (chris & steph) who are allways on hand if needed. Hard fighting fish that do not give up very easy. Great weather that makes the week that little more special. 

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