Notaires' Lakes carp

Catch report 18/08/18

9 x teens, 41 x twenties, 17 x thirties, 2 x forties & 1 catfish @ 70lbs 6oz between 4 anglers


Dennis: 2 x teens, 10 x twenties, 10 x thirties
Alex: 6 x twenties, 4 x thirties, 2 x forties
Peter B: 2 x teens, 7 x twenties, 1 x thirty
Peter P: 5 x teens, 18 x twenties, 2 x thirties & 70lb 6oz catfish {top lake}


Special crab {over maize & pellet} hair rigs, bottom baits and fish margins


Thank you both for a great week
Food was very nice 
Very relaxing place to fish 
And best of all a PB catfish 

Peter with 70lb catfish


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