Notaires Lakes carp
At a glance: 2 lakes 3 acres Carp to 51lbs Cats to 100lbs+ Up to 4 anglers Bait boats allowed Exclusive booking Great meal package Large rural estate 5 hours from Caen
  • 49lb 2oz carp
    Mick with lake record carp @ 51lbs 8oz
  • carp
    57 carp between 2 Anglers: Excellent hosts as usual.
  • Catfish
    Jess with the first capture of Big Bad Barry at 88lbs
  •  aerial view
    3 acres of lakes in 75 acre estate
  • 45lb carp
    Fantastic fishing, fantastic hosts and the grub was spot on. If you're after plenty of fish in peaceful surroundings....this is the place to go. Thank you for a great time.

Carp fishing at Notaire's Lakes

For any carp fishing trip in France, and especially your first, you want a reliable lake where you can be sure of catching some good fish. You will get all that and more at the Notaire's Lakes complex with carp from 20 lbs to 50's, and where no angler has blanked.

The Notaire's complex consists of two adjacent lakes: the carp lake and the catfish lake.

The carp lake is stocked with a high density of carp to 51 lbs and one catfish of 100 lbs, and the catfish lake with six cats up to 110 lbs

For a great carp fishing trip with plenty of big fish in peaceful secluded countryside choose Notaire's Lakes in the green heart of France.

Take a look at the aerial view - just miles and miles of rolling countryside.

Notaires lakes blog

Date: Sep 17 2018

Title: First 50 for Notaires

Summary: The lake record had been edging up a few oz at a time and now has blasted past the 50 mark

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Date: Sep 15 2018

Title: Catch report 15/9/18

Summary: 7 x teens, 21 x twenties, 23 x thirties, 1 x forty (new lake record) 2 x cats 70 & 82lbs

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Notaire's News

    49lb carp

    Mick sets a new lake record at 51lbs 8oz

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